It's a very exciting time for Arts-FI as they gear up for a two week residency in Garden City, Kansas, next month. All of the artists will reunite in Kristen's hometown, where the community is eager to see them again. The artists will have a chance to collaborate with teachers and faculty at the local high school, middle school, and Steps Dance School to share their unique passions and expertise. Capping it off will be three events featuring performances from the Arts-FI members. 

Kristen is excited to build upon the incredible experiences of last year's visit to Kansas and to spend more time with the students. "The Artist Residency in Garden City is an exploration of our own unique take on educational outreach and the arts. The teachers we are working with have graciously allowed me creative liberty to design and try out workshops during those two weeks," she said. "My goals for this residency are really about learning from the students, what interests them and how we can make connections between those interests and the arts."

When I get these ambitious ideas, somehow, the real thing always changes and is better than I first imagined, which is a great way to go about this project.
— Kristen, Executive & Artistic Director

"I am most excited to get to know these high school students and to experience the direct result of our project within the community," Kristen said. "In a way I have taken on a certain amount of risk because I do not know the outcome of every aspect of our residency, but this leaves room for people to actually collaborate and create together, which really excites me." The artists are hoping to motivate students and, in turn, the residency in Garden City with help them grow closer as a group and will spark their own creativity. 

It'll be a busy two weeks with most of the artists' time spent working with the local students, preparing for the concerts, and rehearsing. The inspiration for Arts-FI's three performances is a poem that expressly challenges each individual to be inspired, alive, and passionate. It's a perfect poem for exploring dreams and ideas, which is central to Arts-FI and each of the artists. 


Full Event Schedule

August 23: The Clarion Inn Conference Center: Brunch + Performance, $25 ticket for both

August 28: Garden City High School Auditorium: A combined presentation by High School Students with the artists of Arts-FI

August 29: The Clarion Inn Conference Center: Chamber of Commerce Wine Tasting Event



After the residency, the artists will return to New York. Some will finish their final year of study at The Julliard School of Music, while others will work on freelance projects and performances. "My biggest goal for this fall is to find the next poem, to feel the spark of excitement when I find "the poem" and get a glimpse of my first vision," Kristen said. The next tour will be on the artists' minds, too. We'll keep you updated here on the blog. 

Donate now to help Arts-FI cover expenses of the two week residency in Garden City, Kansas, and fund future performances. We truly appreciate your continued support!