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HPPR’s tag-line is “in touch with the world, at home on the high plains” and this project fits perfectly into that idea. As a young adult, Kristen has accomplished quite a lot and has had the opportunity to live and travel all over the world. When she was accepted into Julliard, she acclimated well to life in New York City but she never forgot where she started…in Garden City, Kansas. The way Kristen is fusing together performing arts is nothing short of genius! The way she and her fellow artists are bringing together classical music, dance and poetry, and showcasing their gifts in Kansas, is genuine. The American Fusion Project is just the beginning for these talented performers. HPPR will be following the careers of these performers for many years and we are so excited to be on this journey with them, no matter where the road leads. 

Deborah Oyler
Executive Director
High Plains Public Radio

In the booth with Cindee!

In the booth with Cindee!

Sharing the story of the American Fusion Project.

Sharing the story of the American Fusion Project.

High Plains Public Radio is now interviewing each artist of the American Fusion Project set to air the last week of August! It has been an incredible experience working with Cindee Talley over the past few weeks. Hear more about Cindee's experience with the artists below!

Thank You to HPPR for their support of the American Fusion Project! 

Cindee Talley's personal thoughts:

Let me tell you why the American Fusion Project captures me. The concept of the undertaking caught my attention, but actually, it’s not the project at all that captures me, even though the idea is innovative and wonderful. It’s the beautiful, unique individuals I’ve been talking to that simply draw me. I can’t wait to get a glimpse of how they see the world through their performance. Honestly, I can’t wait to meet each of them, and I’m an introvert. I have a friend who says you just need to step out on your journey and keep stepping out, having faith that doors will open where you need them to open, and everything you need will be met. She takes this to the extreme, (in my opinion), backpacking across Central America, India, Europe.. the world. She has the most amazing adventures, and never, not even once have the pieces failed to fall into place. 

I see that kind of faith in Kristen. She has a vision of something that’s never been done before. She has moved it from an intangible idea to reality with hard work, determination, and creativity. Think about that in context. She’s building this huge bridge between two worlds: artists and audiences; New York and Kansas. 

She has imagined a structure that provides a foundation for artists while giving them creativity to self-expression, yet somehow creating a method that makes art in these varied forms personal and accessible for everyone. 

To accomplish this type of task generally requires an army, but here is this collection of youthful energy, coming together like parts of a whole making it happen. 

I visualize Jiyang in his pensive, reflectiveness with the heart of a pianist, and the eye of a painter capturing the essence of each individual with his still images. 

Taylor, who left home to study dance and felt so alone, but her aloneness brought her closer to her partner, gave her faith, and a course she uses to chart her life.

Richard, the life-longer performer, using that perspective in an effort to chronicle this remarkable story on film. 

Maria, the spark that bubbles over with the can-do of nothing is impossible.

Colin, with his reserved passion for performing, collaboration, teaching, and innovating in the most humble of ways.

Cleo, the dancing astronaut, the daughter of engineers, who longs to dance in space to eliminate all the barriers that separate the human race on earth.

Kyle, who believes every person has an inner artist, and dances not only because he wants to, but because he has to.

Gabe, the true southern gentleman who faces down a blank page and his internal struggles of others’ perceptions and expectations to tell the stories of life.

My couple words have turned to many. 

The reason I feel this is something to share with the High Plains Public Radio community is: The mission of HPPR is to be in touch with the world, at home on the High Plains, a bridge, of sorts from the High Plains to the world, and vice versa. American Fusion is a lane on the bridge, working to be an artistic bridge between the world of artist and audience through personal experience and relationship. 

My part in this endeavor is tell the story authentically, and to share the voyage with everyone who desires it.

Why are you excited for this project? Let us know in the comment box below!