Brooklyn Presta: Director of Communications and Social Media

Featured here: Kristen Presta (one of our Board Members) and her daughter, Brooklyn Presta. 

I'm not sure if you all know this, but Brooklyn Presta and I grew up across the street from each other in Garden City, Kansas, on Wheatridge Road! From playing hide-and-go-seek and riding bikes to New York City, it has been so wonderful to reconnect and begin to collaborate on this project. I am so grateful that Brooklyn has come on board with ArtsFi! We are lucky to have her time and talents helping connect you to all the happenings with ArtsFi. Take a minute to get to know Brooklyn Presta!

What do you do for a living in New York and what is your favorite thing to do in the city when you can?

I work in digital marketing at New York Magazine, promoting our websites for the magazine and its sister brands Vulture, The Cut, and Grub Street. Whenever I can, I love to explore new neighborhoods in the city, and I try to experience museums and restaurants I've never been to as often as possible. One of my favorite routes to take when a friend or family member is visiting is to stroll through the Brooklyn Flea or Smorgasburg by the water front, take the East River ferry into DUMBO, and then walk across the Brooklyn Bridge into the city. So many beautiful sights! 

How did you learn about ArtsFI and what made you want to be involved?

Kristen and I have known each other all of our lives and were even next door neighbors as kids. It was pretty amazing when we both ended up in New York after college and could spend more time together. She told me about ArtsFI when it launched -- needless to say, I was blown away by the talent of the artists and the mission they carry out. I thought it would be a great chance to help out and work on my marketing skills, so I reached out to Kristen about becoming more involved. She was supportive right away! 

How do you feel about the performing arts and education?

Exposure to the arts is essential for a meaningful education, and I also think you can never be too old to learn about or try a new art form. No matter what medium speaks to you the most, I think art inspires you to think differently, allows you to express yourself, and makes you more open minded and accepting of others. 

Do you have any goals as the head of Communications and Social media?

My goals for the role include posting thoughtful, informative, and fun stories on the blog and creating an engaging series of posts for Facebook. I imagine that my goals will evolve as time goes on as well! 

What is the most interesting aspect about ArtsFi to you?

I love that poetry sparks so many different interpretations from the ArtsFI artists and the audience gets to see these come to life. The amount of community outreach that the artists do in New York and Kansas is inspiring, too.