I am an 18-year-old emerging artist from San Diego, California. I have been dancing since before my walking days, and still I am increasingly thrilled for every opportunity to share art and my love of movement with communities everywhere. Dancing, the most pure manifestation and melding of all aspects of our humanity—the physical, intellectual, and spiritual— everydaybecomes a truer way to approach the core of the unity of humanity and share it with others. I believe this is the case for all art that comes out of passion, which is why my excitement at the prospect of collaborating with a group of other inspirationally dedicated artists to create a concert that brings together many individual artistic viewpoints into one shared event makes me feel a little giddy.

I simply can’t wait to share our art with communities in Kansas! It is a joy for me to share dance everywhere, both within my own community in healthcare facilities in New York, and this coming year with the island of O’ahu, Hawaii as part of DareToCreate Dance Collective and with Prince Edward Island Canada, where I’ll be traveling to perform for as wide an audience as possible. And I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut, so perhaps one day we can even put dance in space to share on a truly universal level.